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Welcome to ZANO website, a company that specialises in animal nutrion supplements, providing top quality products at competitive prices!

More specifically, our company is involved in trading animal feed supplements, milk replacers, disinfectants, feed additives, farm supplies and consumables for breeders.

Our aim at ZANO is to provide livestock farms and breeding associations with products that ensure the rational and balanced diet of sheep, goats and cattle, and consequently, their wellbeing!

Since day one, we remain committed and devoted in providing quality products and creating stable relationships with our customers.

Taking advantage our years of experience on the sector :

  • We offer high nutritional value additives and animal feed supplements for all animal growth stages.
  • We maintain our prices at the lowest possible level.

With our motto being that QUALITY IS OUR OBLIGATION, we continue our successful course, covering the needs of breeders and farmers in the most sufficient way!

Take advantage of the quality superiority of our products.

Choose ZANO for animal feed supplements!

Experience significant increase & stability in milk production, fast & healthy growth of your animals (=excellent quality of produced meat).

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Sano is among the largest companies worldwide for mixtures, milk replacers, and supplements for modern animal nutrition.

ZANO is the exclusive importer and distributor of Sano for Greece and Cyprus